cobas B 101 System (HbA1c & Complete Lipid Profile Test)
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The cobas b 101 system is a point-of-care device offering combined HbA1c and lipid panel* testing on one platform.

The cobas b 101 system offers single testing (HbA1c or lipid panel, separately) as well as dual testing (HbA1c and lipid panel, consecutively) with fast turnaround time:
• Single HbA1c test result in less than 6 minutes
• Single lipid panel result in approximately 6 minutes
• Dual HbA1c test and lipid panel results in 15 minutes

cobas b 101 system Features:
• Improved management of diabetes and dyslipidaemia with point of care testing for HbA1C and Lipids
• Results for lipids and HbA1C tests in just 15 minutes including preparation
• Data storage of up to 5000 patient results, 500 QC results and 50 operator ID’s
• Automatic calibration on each disc

Lipid panel testing includes:
• Total cholesterol (measured)
• Triglycerides (measured)
• HDL-C (measured)
• LDL-C (calculated)
• non-HDL-C (calculated)
• Total cholesterol/HDL-C ratio (calculated)
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