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Contact the Australian QRS Support Team

Medilogic is partnered with VectraCor and is the Official Support Agents of QRS Products in Australia. We provide the best Technical Support possible for QRS 12-Channel Universal Smart ECGs, QRS Orbit Portable Spirometers, and Office Medic Software across the whole of Australia. All QRS ECG and Spiro purchases in Australia comes with free Office Medic Installation + Integration performed by Medilogic (Terms & Conditions Apply, contact us to find out more).
We can assist with:

• Trouble installing Office Medic Software.
• Integration issues with Office Medic and Best Practice Orchid / Medical Director.
• Require an Office Medic Database Migration on a PC / Server.
• ECG or Spiro reports no longer printing correctly.
• Incorrect, erroneous, or corrupted data.
• ECG is displaying a 'Leads Off' or 'Cable Not Found' error.
• Spirometry is displaying a 'Missing Sessions.txt error.
• Activate and download Office Medic Software.

Please speak to the QRS Support Chat Bot in the link below for all Technical Support and enquiries you may have about the QRS 12-Channel Universal Smart ECG, the QRS Orbit Portable Spirometer, and Office Medic Software & Integrations.

Office Medic Software can be downloaded via the QRS Support Chat Bot.

Click here for the QRS Support Chat Bot.      <--- QRS Support Chat Bot opens in a new tab.

Click here for TeamViewer Quick Support.

For further enquiries please email: support@medilogic.com.au

If you require further assistance, please fill out  the form below:

A QRS Support Technician will respond to you within 48 hours.
For instant support, please speak to the QRS Support Chat Bot.

Click here for the QRS Support Chat Bot       <--- QRS Support Chat Bot opens in a new tab.

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