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Digital Blood Pressure Machines Australia

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors measure blood pressure using oscillometric technology. Instead of recording blood pressure acoustically, the oscillometric method records the oscillations (movement back and forth in a regular rhythm) of the arteries and computes the systolic and diastolic pressure using an algorithm. Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are quieter than their Manual Sphygmomanometer counterparts making them ideal for a clinical environment.

Medilogic stocks a variety of types of digital blood pressure machines including professional monitors, 24 hour ambulatory monitors, and home blood pressure monitors.

Professional Blood Pressure Monitors

Professional Blood Pressure Monitors are specifically designed for use in a clinical setting such as a doctor’s surgery, hospital or aged care facility. Professional Blood Pressure Monitors offer enhanced connectivity, increased technology, improved accuracy, and more advanced features than standard Blood Pressure Monitors.

Our best Professional Blood Pressure Monitor is the Omron HEM907 Professional Blood Pressure Monitor Kit which is a quality all-round monitor that comes with 3 x cuff sizes, cuff tube, rechargeable battery pack and an AC adapter.

Another great quality model available for sale is the Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 Handheld Blood Pressure Monitor. It’s compact size makes it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it contains hospital grade SureBP NIBP Technology making it one of the leading Blood Pressure Monitors available for sale in Australia.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors

Home Blood Pressure Machines are a cost-effective solution for patients who wish to monitor their blood pressure from the comfort of their home. Home Blood Pressure Monitors are user friendly and normally offer additional health features such as irregular heart rate indicators making them a great all-in-one health monitoring solution.

Medilogic recommends the Welch Allyn Pro BP 2000 Digital Blood Pressure Machine as the best Home Blood Pressure Machine for sale in Australia thanks to its easy one-touch operation, compact design , clinical accuracy, comfort and speed.

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