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Dermatoscopes for Sale in Australia

Dermatoscopy, also known as Demoscopy, is the examination and evaluation of skin lesions using a special diagnostic tool called a Dermatoscope. A Dermatoscope allows dermatologists and other skin screening professionals to view the surface of the skin up close and are comprised of a magnifier, non-polarised light source and transparent plate. A liquid medium is used between the instrument and the skin for patient comfort.

Dermatoscopes have the ability to magnify, illuminate and measure skin lesions to help dermatologists distinguish between pigmented skin lesions like basal cell carcinomas and malignant melanoma.

Dermatoscope Prices

Dermatoscopes vary in price depending on the brand, the newness of the model and the additional accessories that come with the instrument. Pocket-sized Dermatoscopes are the most cost-effective thanks to their smaller, more compact size. The Heine Mini 3000 LED Dermatoscope retails for under $1000 ex GST and is also maintenance free thanks to LED illumination that never has to be replaced.

Dermatoscope Sets are comparatively more expensive due to the additional inclusions such as charging stations, carry cases, contact plates and batteries. Our leading Dermatoscopy Set is the Heine DELTA 30 Dermatoscope which is an extremely portable size and offers market leading light quality and colouring. When purchasing a Heine DELTA 30 and accessories you can expect to pay under $3000 ex GST.

Dermatoscope Brands

The best Dermatoscope brand available on the market is the German manufactured Heine. Heine has been manufacturing high quality medical diagnostic equipment for over 75 years. Heine offer a 5 Year Warranty.


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