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Medilogic's Topical Skin Adhesive Range


Exofin® Topical Skin Adhesive offers increased viscosity to prevent misplacement, ensuring precise application. Ideal for closing surgical incisions and cleaned traumatic lacerations, Exofin® ensures strong, reliable wound closure for optimal healing.

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The advanced exofin fusion® curved mesh system rapidly closes large incisions, forming an instant microbial barrier against infection. Its new design allows more adhesive to flow through, creating a stronger bond that keeps the mesh securely in place until removal.

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Derma+flex® is ideal for closing surgical incisions and minor wounds. It self-activates on contact with skin, polymerizing to form a strong, flexible microbial barrier. This waterproof seal lasts up to 10 days, protecting against dirt and bacteria while healing.

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The Next Generation Of Topical Adhesive

exofin® Topical Skin Adhesive has an increased viscosity to reduce the risk of unintended placement of the adhesive during application due to migration of the liquid adhesive from the wound site.
In vitro studies have shown that exofin® acts as a barrier to microbial penetration as long as the adhesive film remains intact.

exofin® is intended for topical skin applications only - and to hold closed easily approximated skin edges of wounds - from both surgical incisions, including incisions from minimally invasive surgery, and simple, thoroughly cleansed, trauma-inducted lacerations.

  • Easy to Use
  • Viscous
  • Patient Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible on Skin
  • Waterproof
  • Microbial Barrier
  • Flexible Tip

Glass-Free Packaging
with Innovative


Average Cure Speed


The Shape Of Things To Come

The innovative two-part skin closure system featuring exofin fusion® curved mesh quickly closes and seals large incisions, forming an immediate microbial barrier to protect against infection-causing bacteria, keeping the site comfortably sealed until post-surgical removal.

The new mesh pattern has larger openings which allow more adhesive to flow through the mesh and on to the patient’s skin. The more open design will allow the adhesive to create a stronger bond on the skin and keep the mesh secure and in place for the desired amount of time.

  • Intiator Free Mesh
  • Microbial Barrier
  • Curved to Reduce Skin Tension
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21-Day Microbial Barrier

  • Exofin fusion® skin closer system provides a 21 day microbial barrier
  • The longest in the industry

A high-viscosity topical skin
adhesive designed for strength,
flexibility,and durability.


Taking The Sting Out Of
Medical Topical Skin Adhesives

derma+flex® is the perfect solution for the topical closure of surgical incisions and minor traumatic incidents.

Our formula self activates upon contact with skin after application. Once applied to the wound, derma+flex® quickly polymerises in reaction to the chemistry of the skin, creating a strong-but-flexible microbial barrier.

Applied topically over a wound or incision derma+flex® creates a bond which bridges the edges forming a strong, flexible seal. derma+flex® cures to form a waterproof, flexible film which will stay on the skin for up to 10 days, protecting the wound or incision from external dirt and bacteria.

  • Creates a Microbial Barrier
  • Easy to Apply
  • Highly Flexible
  • Suture & Staple Compatible
  • Sets within 60 Seconds

We Have
Patients In Mind

  • Eliminate External Suture Removal For many minor wounds, derma+flex®-adhesive can spare patients the discomfort of suturing. derma+flex®-adhesive increases patient convenience by eliminating the return visit for suture removal. The adhesive will naturally slough off as the wound heals.
  • Cosmetically Appealing With derma+flex®, surgeons can close the edges of the wound evenly at its full length. The waterproof, flexible, crack free barrier created by derma+flex® remains intact for the entire healing time. no additional wounds or pressure points are created in the skin, which may result in a better cosmetic appearance.
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