DermLite DL3N Hand-Held Skin MicroScope w/Charging Stand
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The DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope is one of the world’s best selling Dermatoscopes. With refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures, it is the tool of choice of the world’s leading dermatologists. The DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope features a 25 mm four-element lens, 28 high-powered LEDs and the all-new PigmentBoost™ illumination. For optimum ease of use, a quick tap on its power button instantly toggles between polarization modes while the optional PigmentBoost mode produces a warmer illumination reminiscent of conventional dermatoscopes.The convenient DermLite DL3N retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism enables you to quickly switch between non-contact and skin contact modalities and lets you precisely focus your image while in skin contact. The spacer comes with a glass faceplate with 10mm markings and, due to its fully enclosed design, contaminants as well as undesirable ambient lighting no longer affect your image. It’s easy to create your very own digital dermoscopy system by attaching one of many compatible cameras or camera-equipped mobile devices to the DL3N. Simply attach your digital camera, smartphone or iPad, extend the spacer, and start taking sharp, glare-free images quickly and easily.

DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope Features:
• 28 high-powered LEDs
• All-new PigmentBoost illumination
• Unique advantage of both polarized and non-polarized dermoscopy with or without immersion fluids
• Improved vascular imaging
• Colour temperature selection with PigmentBoost
• Long-lasting lithium battery
• Low battery charge indicator: Once the charge level drops below 25%, the “3” on the top of device changes from green to orange.
• Compatible with many cameras or camera-equipped mobile devices
• Precision-engineered and crafted from recyclable aluminum
• Retractable faceplate spacer design
• Great optics
• Solid durability and refined ergonomics
• Amazing versatility and beautifully elegant design
• To reduce reflections and greatly improve the contrast of the image, an optional eyepiece is included

DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope Inclusions:
• DermLite DL3N Dermatoscope
• Desktop Charger
• Leather Pouch
• Eyepiece
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