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The DermLite DL5 hand Held Dermatoscope features the world’s first variable polarization system in a hybrid dermatoscope.

The DermLite® DL5 lets you uncover a whole new layer in handheld dermoscopy. Not only can you toggle between polarized and non-polarized modes, now you’re able to visualize extremely superficial structures under parallel polarization and, as you scroll through the entire polarization range using its amazing scroll-and-push button dial, optically explore a lesion’s visual depths.
You'll discover that nothing boosts your dermoscopy superpowers like DL5.

The DermLite DL5 Dermatoscope Features:
• ø32 mm lens design with superb performance up-close and at distance
• True 10x magnification — resolves even finer structures
• Toggle between DermLite-quality (cross-)polarized and non-polarized illumination
• Visually dissect the skin layers by scrolling through the entire polarization range, from deeply penetrating cross-polarization to extremely superficial parallel polarization
• 365 nm UV illumination
• PigmentBoost® for visualizing pigmented lesions
• Ultrabright torch LED for illuminating skin surfaces or body cavities from a distance
• Removable, autoclavable contact plate with 10 mm reticle and IceCap® compatibility
• Charge on included desktop charging base or via USB-C
• Three levels of brightness in all modes
• Four-level battery indicator
• Connect to smartphones via included MCC adapter

The DermLite DL5 Dermatoscope includes:
• Handheld dermatoscope with 10x magnification, variable polarization, dermoscopic white & UV, torch LED
• Desktop charging base with IceCap storage and secondary USB output
• 2 m USB to USB-C cable
• Magnetically attached eyepiece
• Magnetically attached stainless steel ruler
• Leather belt pouch
• Plastic belt holster
• Universal smartphone connector MCC
• IceCap® 5-piece sample supply
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Size & mass: 182 x 58 x 36 mm, 285 g
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