WELCH ALLYN SureTemp Plus Electronic Thermometer (Model 692), Wall Mou
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WELCH ALLYN SureTemp Plus Electronic Thermometer (Model 692), Wall Mount, 2.7m Oral Probe

The SureTemp 692 Thermometer is fast—capturing approximately 4- to 6-second oral, 10- to 13-second rectal or pediatric axillary and 12- to 15-second adult axillary temperatures. Featuring the technology that sets the standard for accuracy, you can have confidence the SureTemp 692 will deliver accurate, repeatable readings on patients of all age groups. The removable/interchangeable oral/axillary and rectal probes and probe wells are designed to help you reduce the risk of cross contamination, for staff satisfaction and patient safety.

• Fast: quickly captures accurate readings on all patient types
• Includes a 60-second pulse timer for counting pulses and respirations
• Mechanical and electronic security options to help prevent theft or loss
• Takes approximately 5,000 readings on 3 AA batteries
• Large backlit LCD display with location identification capability
• Wall mount included with all configurations
• Convenient storage for 25 probe covers
• Interchangeable, removable wells to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination
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