Sterilisation Pouch Medilogic 300 x 380mm - Box (200)
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Sterilisation Pouches Medilogic 300 x 380mm is a self sealing autoclave pouch.

• Pre-folded, quick and easy sealing
• Toxic-free, lead-free process indicators for Steam, Ethylene Oxide and Formaldehyde sterilisation
• Superior microbial barrier with medical grade paper. Superior resistance in wet strength
• Excellent performance, especially in Steam sterilisation
• Transparet PET/CPP complex film
• Clean and fibre-free opening
• Triple band seal and one extra reinforcing seal for better package integrity
• Internal and External indicators
• 12 month shelf life after sterilised

Medilogic Sterilisation Pouches are CE and FDA certified, compliant to ISO11140-14, ISO11607 and EN868-5, and are manufactured under the ISO13485 quality assurance standard.
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