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Seca 762 Mechanical Scale are mechanical personal scales with fine 500g graduation. The precise and classic design has a large, clear and well-defined dial. With a large, low-level, non-slip platform and scratch resistant finish, the scales make it is easy for the patient to step on and weigh. No need to worry about replacing batteries either thanks to its traditional mechanical design.

Seca 762 Mechanical Scale Features:
• Robust construction
• The face of the dial is especially large to make reading the figures much easier
• The rugged metal housing withstands years of use under the hardest conditions imaginable
• Low profile and wide platform
• Fine 500g graduations
• Large, easy-to-read dial
• Scratch resistant finish
• Precise and durable
• Synthetic covering used in medical applications
• Steel plate housing
• Reset-to-zero function
• No batteries required

Seca 762 Mechanical Scale Specifications:
• Capacity: 150kg Capacity
• Graduation: 500g
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 305 x 120 x 470 mm
• Net Weight: 3.5kg
• 2 Year Warranty
• Manufactured by Seca
• Made in Germany
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