PDF USB Data Logger without external probe
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PDF USB Data Logger without external probe

This is a Temperature Data logger which does not require software to be installed on a computer. This data logger is self contained, small size and displays Min and Max temperature at the push of a button. The inbuilt USB plugs into your computer to set up the name of the location and any alarm points, select the sample rate (from 30 seconds up - see below), maximum 48,000 readings. Push and hold the start button when ready and place in fridge. When complete, push and hold the stop button to stop logging, plug USB into computer and save the report to hard drive or print out. Reset the data logger for the next set of readings and place again or keep until needed.

• Temp range: -30 - 70°C
• Resolution: 0.1°C
• Accuracy: ±0.5°C
• Sampling points: 24,000 readings
• Battery: 2 x 3.0V CR2032 (included)
• Sampling interval: 30 sec, 5, 10, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes
• Start delay: 0,5,30,45,60,90,120 minutes and 24 hours
• Alarm range: Programmable from -30 up to 70°C
• Alarm delay: 0,5,30,45,60,90,120 minutes
• Alarm type: Single event, Cumulative, Disable
• LED Indicators: REC (recording), Low Bat, High / Low Alarm
• Unique serial number on each unit for traceability
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