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Mortara ELI™ 150c 12-Lead Resting ECG

• Portable Solution — Compact and lightweight, the ELI 150c electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in an ultra-portable device.
• High-Resolution Colour LCD — High-resolution color display provides real-time preview of 12-lead ECG and post-acquisition review of acquired ECG.
• Distinguished VERITAS® Resting ECG Interpretation Algorithm — Widely recognised resting ECG interpretation algorithm uses gender-specific and adult and paediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for resting ECG interpretation.
• Choice of Wireless or Traditional ECG Acquisition ELI 150c offers a choice of either the innovative WAM™ wireless acquisition module or the AM12™ acquisition module. Both include replaceable lead wires, lead fail indicator and remote control with buttons for ECG acquisition and rhythm printing.
• Best 10 — ELI 150c automatically selects and displays the Best 10 seconds of ECG signal from the five-minute segment of internal full disclosure, reducing clinical review time and eliminating the need for repeat ECGs.
• Full Keyboard — Alphanumeric elastomer keyboard features dedicated “one-touch” buttons for ECG acquisition, rhythm printing and ECG transmission/order retrieval.
• Information Exchange — Bidirectional communication via USB, internal modem, LAN, wireless LAN, or GPRS enables connectivity to Pyramis®, HeartCentrix®, E-Scribe™ and Athena products, as well as to third-party EMR, PACS and CVIS systems. ELI 150c also communicates to the ECG Safe™ system, a cloud service that provides an easy, effective way to store ECGs for convenient viewing and file management from anywhere.
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