MELAprint 44 Printer for Melag Autoclaves
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MELAprint 44 is a device for recording the sterilisation logs of the Melag Autoclaves, including the Pro-Class, the S-Class (Euroklav), the MELAtronic EN and the Cliniklav 25. It is ideal for the practice or hospital that needs or wants a direct print-out. An additional network adapter (Art. No. 40295) is necessary to connect the MELAprint 44 to the steam sterilizers of the Premium-Class or to the Vacuquick and the MELAtherm washer disinfector.

MELAprint 44 enters the following data:
• Program selected
• Date, time, current batch number
• Vacuum, pressure and temperature current values
• Confirmation of the successfully completed program and
• Inadmissible deviations, if they have occurred
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