Melag Vacuklav 24BL+ 29L Autoclave
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The Melag Vacuklav 24BL+ 29L Autoclave features an especially deep sterilization chamber (60 cm) and is thereby especially suited to practices and hospitals that wish to sterilize extra-long instrument sets quickly. The technical equipment is equivalent to the steam sterilizer Vacuklav 24 B+.

• Fixed water connection
• Includes 5 Trays + Printer or Logger
• 29L chamber volume
• Chamber size: 60cm long x 25cm diameter
• Load quantity: 7kg instruments, 2.5kg textiles
• Device dimensions: 42.5cm x 49.5cm x 83.5cm (Fits on a 70cm table top)
• Weight: 53kg
• Power supply: 230 V / 50/60 Hz
• Power consumption: 2.100 Watts

QuickProgram S*:
• 134°C, Holding time: 3.5 min
• 20min, 5 min drying time.

QuickProgram B**:
• 134°C, Holding time: 5.5 min
• 32min, 10min drying time.

Universal Program:
• 134°C, Holding time: 5.5 min
• 35min, 20min drying time.

Gentle Program:
• 121°C, Holding time: 20.5 min
• 48min, 20min drying time.

Prion Program:
• 134°C, Holding time: 20.5 min
• 50min, 20min drying time.

** Plumbed Unit
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