LOGITOUCH VINYL Gloves Clear X-Large - Box (100)
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LOGITOUCH Vinyl Gloves are examination gloves specifically designed to provide superior protection and comfort. Made with Vinyl, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), these gloves offer superior protection against a wide range of substances without sacrificing comfort or dexterity. The gloves feature a 4.5g vinyl construction as well as a smooth, powder free surface that helps provide flexible operation. LOGITOUCH Vinyl Gloves are also non-sterile, ambidextrous, disposable and come in a variety of sizes for a perfect fit for the user. With LOGITOUCH Vinyl Gloves, you can work safely and confidently knowing your hands have protection against erosion. LOGITOUCH Vinyl are oil, acid and alkali resistant.

LOGITOUCH Vinyl Gloves Features:
• Powder-free Clear, high elasticity, stretch resistance. Won't rip easily during normal use. Smooth and flexible operation.
• Oil, acid and alkali resistance. Protect your hands from erosion.
• Thickness: 4.5g
• Materials: Vinyl, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
• Size: Small/Medium/Large/X-Large
• Non-toxic, Tasteless, Powder-free, Non-irritating.
• Colour: Clear
• Carton of 1000
• Box of 100
• TGA Approved
• Size: X-Large

LOGITOUCH Vinyl Gloves are HACCP Certified.
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