LOGIFLOW Exactus Shield BC Safety IV Cannula Blue 22G x 25mm - Each
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The LOGIFLOW Safety IV Cannula with Blood Control is a peripheral intravenous cannula intended to be used to sample blood or administer fluids intravenously and for intermittent intravenous medicine administration.

LOGIFLOW Safety IV Cannula with Blood Control features a push button style needle retraction safety mechanism to instantly retract the needle into the encapsulating needle shield. This feature promotes needlestick safety and reduces exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

The blood control valve on the cannula hub assists to minimise blood exposure and provide a cleaner user experience. The blood flow is inhibited when the active check valve is activated.

LOGIFLOW IV Cannulas feature a triple faceted, notched needle which provides ease of insertion and assists the clinician to visualise the blood flow up the cannula sooner.

LOGIFLOW Safety IV Cannula with Blood Control features:
• Push Button Style Needle Retraction Safety Mechanism
• Encapsulating Needle shield
• Blood Control Active Check Valve Technology
• Push-Off Tab assists with one-handed catheter advancement
• Flashback chamber allows for clear visual confirmation of successful venipuncture
• RapidFlash® Technology allows for quick visual confirmation of successful venipuncture (20-24G)
• Triple Faceted, Back Cut, Beveled, Needle
• Ground stainless-steel needle
• Contoured Catheter Body is ergonomically designed for one-handed technique
• VenaPUR® catheter material features a proprietary PUR material designed to remain kink-free and soften within the body
• ISO compliant colour coding
• Not made with DEHP or natural rubber latex
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