LOGIFIX TAN 10cm x 10m - Roll
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Logifix Tan Tape 10cm x 10m is a non-woven retention tape. Logifix tan is widely used for dressing retention, fixation of drainage tubes and catheters, securing of absorbent pads and gauzes. Logifix Tan consists of a soft tan coloured non-woven tape with a strong acryllic adhesive backing.

Logifix Tan is ideal for use in visible areas, as it is designed to blend with the patients skin.

• Soft tan coloured non-woven tap with a strong acrylic adhesive backing.
• One-way stretch to allow greater patient mobility.
• Split paper backing makes the tape easy to remove and apply.
• The front of the box tears away allowing it to double as a neat dispenser.

Pack Size: MLNTT1010 (Each)
Brand: Medilogic
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