HEINE Loupelight 2 Set HR 2.5x Binocular Loupe 340mm + S-FRAME + mPack
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The HEINE Loupelight 2 is most trusted by dentists and ENT specialists: The combination of light and loupe delivers the ultimate in performance as high quality illumination with LED HQ maximises the image quality of the loupe. For intensive use, the LoupeLight2 now features a replaceable connecting cord which connects the device to the mPack mini – the new and compact power source for the LoupeLight2.

Brighter. Lighter. Improved functionality.

• Shadow free
• Aluminium housing
• i-View loupe mount with flip-up function
• LED in HEINE Quality – or LED HQ.

HR 2.5x optics with 340mm working distance with i-View on S-FRAME, LoupeLight2, Detachable Yellow Filter, mPack mini, mPack mini Belt Clip, E4-USB plug-in transformer, Protective lenses, 2 sterilisable levers, Retaining cord, Cleaning cloth, Carrying case
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