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The Heine K180 Diagnostic Set combines the Heine K180 Fibre Optic Otoscope and the K180 Fibre Optic Ophthalmoscope. This Heine K180 Diagnostic Set features the Heine BETA 4 USB rechargable handle, meaning that you can charge whilst on the go.

The Heine K180 Fibre Optic Otoscope Features:
• Constructed of light, high-impact polycarbonate. This contributes to shock resistance.
• Fiber Optic Illumination. This ensures homogeneous, very bright illumination with an unobstructed view of the ear canal and tympanum.
• XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Extremely bright, white light.
• Acrylic viewing window with 3 x magnification. Sharply-focused distortion-free image.
• Swivelling viewing window built into instrument. Useful for instrumentation, cannot be mislaid.
• Insufflation port. Reliable test of tympanic mobility.

Heine K180 Fibre Optic Otoscope Features:
• Precision spherical HEINE optics. Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated.
• XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light. Clear retinal image.
• Range of lenses: 27 lenses from -35 D to +40 D. Brilliant image even at high corrections.
• Ergonomical shape. The instrument fits the orbita comfortably.
• Soft orbital rest. Steadies the instrument and protects your glasses.
• Choice of 5 apertures. For both large and small pupils. Choice of fixation star or cobalt blue filter for corneal examination.
• Dust resistant housing. Maintenance-free.
• High-impact polycarbonate housing for durability.
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