Finessis Zero Surgical Glove Size 7.5 - Box (50)
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Finessis Zero Surgical Gloves are the next generation of surgical gloves, featuring the CLEAN surgical glove that uses zero accelerators in the manufacturing process. Built by Molecular Layer Technology, Finessis Zero is the clean surgical glove for your hands, the lowest risk surgical gloves for Type I and Type IV allergies. Double glove with Finessis Corium as an underglove for a perfect fit and impermeable barrier in every surgical procedure.

Special Features:
• Zero Accelerators
• Highest Accepted Quality Level AQL 0.10
• Made from FLEXYLON – High performance elastomer built by Molecular Layer Technology
• High electrical resistance
• Ultra low stress design
• Feel fit design
• Sterilisation by irradiation for guaranteed sterility
• Glove colour – white
• Suitable for all types of Surgeries

The Clean Surgical Glove:
Finessis surgical gloves are delicately engineered in every pair. Carefully deposited at each molecular layer at a time, each pair is a strong block of high performance elastomer, Flexylon, without the use of any binding chemicals.

Latex-free, accelerator-free and zero-added chemicals, Finessis Zero surgical gloves eliminate all risks of irritant contact dermatitis, Type I skin hypersensitivity (latex allergy) and Type IV skin hypersensitivity (chemical-related allergy).

30% of healthcare professionals who use latex gloves and other gloves may get irritant dermatitis on their hands due to chemical-related hypersensitivity, making Finessis Zero the perfect solution to surgical glove needs.
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