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CoaguChek® INRange is the connected self-testing meter that enables your patients to test their PT/INR whenever, wherever – for confident control of their VKA therapy. Built-in wireless, Bluetooth technology allows you to be connected to your patients, who can now transmit their PT/INR results from their meter to you. This will allow you to keep patients on track and in range – anytime, anywhere.

The CoaguChek INRange system is intended for single patient self-testing only, it is not intended for use in a professional setting. The current CoaguChek XS, CoaguChek Pro II meters and reagents will continue to be available for Professional Use ONLY and not for patient use.

CoaguChek INRange is the new standard in VKA monitoring. Because INR results are displayed within 1 minute, patient self-testing can reduce anxiety and provide a sense of control:
• Engaging patients in their own therapy can empower them to modify their lifestyles
• With an intuitive screen, minimal training is required, so you can be confident your patients are ready and able to self-test
• Requires an 8 µL drop of capillary blood with a finger prick and less pain for your patient
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