Atrauman AG 5cm x 5cm - Box (10)
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Atrauman Ag is a low adherent wound contact layer which contains silver. Designed specifically for contaminated, traumatic wounds helping reduce the risk of infection. Atrauman® Ag is coated in silver which has been proven to minimise the bacterial burden on wounds. The silver ions bind with bacteria and destroy them within the dressing whilst protecting the wound bed.

Atrauman Ag Benefits:
• Effectively kills a broad spectrum of bacteria
• Lowers toxicity to human cells thanks to reduced release of silver ions
• Fine weave allows passage of exudate away from the wound surface
• Improved wound healing outcomes
• Infection prevention in wound treatment

Atrauman Ag Indications for use:
• Skin Tears
• Infected Post Op Wounds
• Grazes
• Diabetic foot Ulcers
• Arterial Ulcers
• Venous Leg Ulcers

Atrauman Ag suggested wear time:
• Up to 3 days
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