Why is my vaccine fridge fogging up? Condensation Explained
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Why is my vaccine fridge fogging up? Medilogic

Why is my vaccine fridge fogging up?


We often get the question, why does my vaccine fridge have condensation on the glass? Or why is the glass fogging up? We thought we would provide you with some helpful information outlining ow this can happen to your medical refrigerator.

Believe it or not, the weather can impact the state of your vaccine fridge. This isn’t so common in cold climates, but in hot humid conditions is often the case. Regardless of the brand of the fridge, whether it be Medisafe Plus by Avem Quirks, AQ Medical or even Bromic fridges, the weather will be a factor. When warm air contacts the cold surface of a fridge it can cool to its dew point. When this warm air cools to its dew point, by contacting a colder surface, water will condense on the surface. Think of a cold glass of water you get condensation on the outside of the cup, don’t you? The difference in temperatures is why.

A vaccine fridge needs to be properly sealed from the outside temperatures. Leaking door seals will compromise this and allow warm air to enter the fridge. Tip: Try dimming the room, turning the light on inside the vaccine fridge and inspect the seals. If you see a gap where you think the air could be leaking through, it will require attention.


How can I fix my fridge from fogging up?


There are several measures you can take in an effort to reduce the condensation on your vaccine fridge. An easy solution to reduce the chance of this happening is to slightly lower the room temperature, which will slightly lower the dew point. You may need to consider a dehumidifier to control the amount of moisture in the surrounding air.

Opening the door less frequently will also help. Although not always achievable in a busy medical practice environment, it will reduce the amount of warm air entering the vaccine fridge.

If there is a problem with the door seals, it is recommended that you have a technician have a look at the faults. Companies like Avem Quirks have a field team of technicians Australia wide, so you can be assured that you will get the support you need when buying Avem Quirks Vaccine Fridges.

If you have ongoing issues, the use of a dehumidifier is recommended.

Having regular maintenance and testing scheduled for your medical equipment will also help you keep on top of any potential troubles that could arise.

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