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Detecting a Heart Attack in Real Time? Meet this Award-Winning ECG Medilogic

Detecting a Heart Attack in Real Time? Meet this Award-Winning ECG

Vectracor, the company behind the QRS Universal SmartECG and Orbit Spirometer have revolutionized the Cardiac Monitoring field by developing an advance ECG System with the Ability to detect an AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarct or heart attack) in real time.

Every Second Counts

Current ER practice in detecting heart attacks requires waiting for lab results from blood tests. This can take approximately one hour or longer, then needs to be repeated every 3-6 hours for 24 hours to check for increase in serum cardiac markers indicative of an AMI.

With the Vectraplex ECG software, this process can be drastically shortened. By only attaching 5 electrodes to the patient, a CEB index and heart rate can be displayed as well as continuous monitoring of a 22 lead derived ECG within seconds.

The CEB® (Cardiac Electrical Biomarker)

Using an advanced algorithm the SmartECG from QRS provides instant feedback via a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker (CEB) for the real time detection of ECG changes suggestive of an AMI. This is in addition to being able to derive a 15 lead ECG from just 5 electrodes.

The VectraplexECG by QRS provides a simple and immediate colour coded response (CEB), indicating the likelihood of an AMI. This CEB has been proven to be an accurate predictor of Troponin levels in the patient’s blood which has been the gold standard of AMI detection. The CEB is a non-invasive and cost-effective complement to a troponin draw allowing the ECG to provide ongoing feedback of the heart’s health.

Placing only 5 electrodes for a 15 lead ECG is in itself a ground-breaking advancement; reducing time, placement error, and the cost of consumables. No further training is required as the 5 leads are a subset of the standard 12 lead placement: the 4 limb leads as well as V2.

Medilogic represents the Vectracor/QRS Products in the Australian market.

Read more detail on the VectraplexECG here.

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