Why Littmann Stethoscopes Are Essential for Medical Practices
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Using A Littmann Stethoscope In Your Practice Medilogic

Using A Littmann Stethoscope In Your Practice

A Littmann Stethoscope is a medical tool used around the world by professionals and specialists. You will find it is just as essential in medical school and the practising world. And the Littmann model is an innovative upgrade from previous equipment, making it crucial for day-to-day use.

When checking on patients, these specific devices can help you pick up on critical sounds and murmurs. Read on to find out more about these types of tools and why they are needed in the medical industry.

Model Features

Littmann Stethoscopes are said to be far more sensitive to vibrations and almost 10 times more powerful when compared to standard models available on the market. This makes them the highest-quality product option for acoustic sound and quality, ideal for full sound detection. They were pioneered to perform at a higher standard or level of detection in the medical field. The newer variants have introduced a selection of updated technology features like background noise reduction and tunable diaphragms, not to mention exciting elements like Bluetooth connectivity.

Model Structure

These newer models also have flexible tubing that is highly resistant to getting kinks, dents, tears, or hard bends while in use. These allow for ease of movement during examination time without losing the ability to hear clearly. These tools come with symmetrical ear tubes that not only offer better seal and detection but also ensure the comfort of the patient being examined during the examination. The material used and overall design of these products make them highly resistant to damage, ensuring that you can use them again and again with faith throughout the years. Their design also uses no latex, which makes them a safer alternative for all patients and employees sensitive to the material. They are also designed for easy fitting and adjustment, with tension elements to quickly remove or fit as needed.

Global Warranty

These top-brand models will usually come with a global warranty that ensures they will always be usable. When you have complete coverage, you can trust the certainty they have in their products. These top-level items give you excellent results and clear distinctions between sounds when reviewing a patient.

When you use a Littmann Stethoscope you are assured improved and accurate results. With the ability to hear clearly and carefully distinguish between sounds, you can provide better care to your patients. Learn more about our product range at Medilogic, contact us today. 


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