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ALLEVYN Dressings: What You Need To Know Medilogic

ALLEVYN Dressings: What You Need To Know

Making use of ALLEVYN dressings is beneficial to your own health or the recovery of patient injuries you may encounter in your medical practice. These innovative products help you dress and protect your injuries so that you can get better, add support, and get back to full strength as soon as possible.

Read on to find out about the benefits to consider.

Diverse Range 

The ALLEVYN range's various product options provide a variety of ways to meet the varying needs of patients.From situations that demand a high-grip adhesive to anyone needing something that can take compression, there is something to suit your needs. There are also options for wounds that are lightly exposed or boast fragile skin; browsing the full selection ensures you find the best range for you.

Go-To Selection

All of these expert dressings from the renowned Classic range of products use a specific, one-of-a-kind technology to keep the dressing fastened. This consists of a non-adhesive contact layer to put against the wound, a foam core with absorbent properties to keep the injury supported, and a highly breathable top film. All of these things work together to aid in the repair of your skin. This design has been developed to form a plush, wound-healing environment. This keeps the wound at the best possible level of moisture and dryness to heal effectively. On the dressing items, there are a variety of product options with varying adhesion qualities. This has a gentle, low-tack, soft gel adhesive. It is designed to provide gentle support during the application of the secondary dressing.

The Non-Adhesive  ALLEVYN 

This particular selection of products has been around for decades as the trusted name in wound support, continuing to be essential for medical professionals and private customers alike. The unique design implemented in these wraps manages the fluid and moisture levels to create the ideal healing environment for your injury. The sturdy yet breathable film on top of the design also helps to minimise the risk of irritation or further issues with the wound and peri-wound. The active, non-adherent wound contact layer gives you a resulting dressing that is suitable for exposed sores and fragile layers of newly formed skin.

Usage Time

ALLEVYN dressings can usually be applied for up to seven days, except in the sacral parts of the body, where five days is the standard application time. It is important to stick to these times, as it ensures that you can treat your injuries with the best possible products on the market.

ALLEVYN Dressings are a highly beneficial range of options that can deliver high-quality support for your wounds, sores, and ailments. This professional solution is trusted around the world and gurantees results. Contact us today to learn more about the range. 


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