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Sensiflex Surgical Gloves vs Triflex Gloves Medilogic

Sensiflex Surgical Gloves vs Triflex Gloves

Since the Triflex surgical gloves have been discontinued by the manufacturer, many surgeons have been looking to replace their Triflex gloves with a quality, yet cost effective alternative. Medilogic are distributers of the Sensiflex Plus range of surgical gloves, which are a premium choice of latex powder free surgical gloves.

Why were Triflex Discontinued?

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has banned a wide range of powdered gloves, due to risk of injury and illness that they pose to patients, the user and other individuals who are exposed to them. Powdered gloves are believed to be dangerouse for many reasons and are associated with serious problems such as severe airway inflammation, post-surgical adhesions and wound inflammation. This has led to the discontinuation of many powdered surgical gloves.

Is Sensiflex Plus a suitable alternative?

Sensiflex Plus Surgical Gloves are a top choice of latex surgical gloves. Whilst Sensiflex Plus gloves are powder free, they offer superb donning and an excellent fit. They have a micro-textured surface to enhance slip resistance, generate extra grip and enhance control during procedures. The anatomical design of Sensiflex Plus gloves assists in reducing finger fatigue, even during rigorous procedures.

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Sensiflex Plus vs Triflex

Specification  Sensiflex  Triflex
Latex Yes Yes
Powder Free Yes No
Pack Size 50 Pairs 40 Pairs
Available Sizes 5.5 - 9.0 5.5 - 9.0
Cuff Type Beaded Beaded
Sterile Yes Yes

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