Dental Sutures In 2023: What To Consider
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Dental Sutures In 2023: What To Consider Medilogic

Dental Sutures In 2023: What To Consider

Depending on the nature of your dental practice, you may find that you do not use dental stitches as often. It's a rare procedure that most professionals hardly ever encounter, so much so that you hardly ever have to place an order for dental sutures in Australia.

For the most part, teeth extractions, routine visits, and teeth whitening never need stitches. But for the other procedures, such as bone grafting and wisdom tooth extraction, they are a must.

This can leave you curious about what product options are available to you and your patients and how to shop for them.

We go over dental sutures and why you should shop for them with Medilogic.

Dental Sutures Types

Despite significant advancements and breakthroughs in dentistry, two distinct sutures are still frequently required and in high demand for specific procedures. Absorbable stitches are considered dissolvable or resorbable. This means that as a surgery heals and the wound recovers, the stitches gradually dissolve into the gum and eventually disappear. Non-absorbable stitches operate in the opposite way as implied by its name, and must be surgically removed by a dentist. 

Dental Sutures Have Their Advantages

There are numerous benefits to using dental sutures, but the most important reason to choose one of our high-quality product lines is that they are supportive of healing. Stitches reduce the risk of bacteria spreading from open wounds to the rest of the mouth. Additionally, they add pressure, forcing the wound to compress, which aids in recovery. This speeds up the healing process, providing quicker relief and comfort to your patient. 

Buying Dental Sutures 

In addition to providing both types of sutures for all surgical requirements, Medilogic also offers low pricing and quick shipping to support patients in need. The benefit of shopping online for your medical and dental supplies is ultimate convenience. It’s quick to place an order, ensures you buy enough stock, and fits in with your busy schedule all year long.

With emergency patients, you don't need to worry because we ship out within 24 hours if orders are placed before 2pm, giving you access to in-stock supplies when you need them. This will not only provide your patient with much-needed relief, but it will also increase turnaround times and patient satisfaction, which will lead to return business. 

High-quality, readily available dental sutures and other supplies will improve how you operate and your quality of work on patients.  With our range, you can buy all your medical consumables and equipment needed. Medilogic is your go-to premier supplier of wholesale medical products.

We have everything you need, including dental sutures in Australia and further dental supplies. Shop our selection now. 


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