Allevyn Dressings: The #1 Solution In Wound Care
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Allevyn Dressings: The #1 Solution In Wound Care Medilogic

Allevyn Dressings: The #1 Solution In Wound Care

Allevyn dressings have revolutionised wound care across the world. The product range has been developed with sensitive and fragile skin in mind, which makes it an ideal solution for almost all patients. But with the emergence of new brands and competitor products constantly in the market, you may find yourself questioning what the benefits are of still using Allevyn in your practice. 

Below, we list the top 5 benefits of purchasing this cutting-edge product line from Medilogic:

Regulates Moisture

Wounds tend to heal faster when adequately moist. But maintaining the level needed for faster healing can be tricky. Too much fluid can lead to an infection. Drier wound sites, on the other hand, can lead to more severe scabbing and scarring due to insufficient moisture. Allevyn dressings are made to maintain the proper balance around your injury so that healing happens more quickly and painlessly.  

Comfortable Wear

Wound care should be comfortable enough to reduce the patient's discomfort and itchiness in the surrounding area. This soft dressing line is designed with this in mind, providing for comfortable, breathable wear that lessens pressure on the injury. This is important because it keeps the wound itch-free and makes it less likely that strain or even sweat would irritate it. 

Easy Use 

Working with dressings in wound care, you have likely had your fair share of sticking issues. Plasters or dressings don't adhere at all or stick too well to the skin, making it nearly impossible to reposition them. Either way, this results in costly waste, and that in itself is frustrating to have to deal with. But with the Allevyn Gentle Dressing range, you are assured of quality products that are not only easy to use but also easy to work with.

Bigger Variety 

Injuries can often happen in awkward spots or hard-to-reach places, which can compromise their healing and progression. Wounds need to be dressed appropriately; too big and you are sealing in excess air; too small and you can end up with an infection. The Allevyn product line caters to this with its variety of sizes and shapes designed for almost any wound.

With a larger selection, you can treat your patient accordingly and allow them to change dressings on their own during their recovery process.

From superficial to surgical wounds, Allevyn dressings are the all-in-one solution you need for better injury progression, faster healing, and minimal scarring.

Shop the extensive range of Allevyn dressings with us at Medilogic. We offer our customers wholesale shopping, exceptional service, and reliable customer care.


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