Total Bathroom Cleaner 5L - Each
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Total Bathroom Cleaner is truly a revolutionary solution for complete perfection in bathroom and washroom cleaning. This environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner, is designed to be used on all surfaces in the washroom, including walls, floors and bathroom fittings. Bathroom Cleaner incorporates innovative enzyme and anti-resoiling technology to ensure that surfaces stay clean and repel dirt.


- Boosted with Elimotech enzyme technology to continue cleaning after your work is done.
- Cleans, refreshes and eliminates organic waste.
- Digests organic matter at the source.
- Destroys bad odours.
- Anti-resoiling technology means that surfaces repel dirt.
- Contains no phosphates
- Environmentally friendly.
- High Performance Chemistry: Bathroom Cleaner quickly and easily breaks down soap-scum, limescale and general grime.
- Bathroom Cleaner is ideal for every bathroom surface including walls and floors. It is suited for use undiluted or mixed with water for use in a spray bottle or mop bucket. Regular use eliminates the need to use harsh, deep clean acids.
- Mould Prevention: Regular use eliminates mould growth, prevents re-growth and destroys odour causing germs.
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