Shower Cleaner 5L - Each
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Shower Cleaner is a bold step into the future of modern cleaning chemistry. When using this product, you will find unique features that you don’t find in any other shower cleaning product. Shower Cleaner is designed to be the most effective and versatile product of its kind.


- Powerful cleaning action that removes soap-scum, hard-water stains, biological growth and body fats fast and effectively.
- Boosted with enzyme based odour control to destroy odours in the shower and even in drains.
- Destroys germs and bacteria to a hospital grade.
- Anti-resoiling technology means that shower surfaces repel dirt and will become easier and easier to keep clean.
- Environmentally friendly.
- Septic safe.
- Leaves the shower with a fresh, clean fragrance.
- Leaves shower fittings gleaming and spot free.
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