Ear Toilet Package Pro: Microscope, Suction Unit, Ear Speculam Gruber
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The Ear Toilet Pack Pro is a valuable unit for any practice. Assisting in removal of built up ear wax and foreign bodies, this pack is ideal for GP's and ENT's as it allows easy movement and vision of the affected area. The Ear Toilet Pack Pro includes a microscope, suction Unit, suction tubes, suction controller, ear speculum and 12ml ear clear solution. Use of this pack enables claim of Medicare #41647 which benefits your practices cash flow greatly and offers your patients superior care.

Ear Toilet Package Pro includes:
• Alltion AM-P8501 Surgical Microscope With Straight BinocularTongye Suction Unit
• Sim Micro Cannula
• Ear Speculum Gruber Set Of 4
• Ear Clear Wax Remover 12ml
• Suction Liner

Alltion AM-P8501 Surgical Microscope Features and Specifications:
• Superb optical features including high resolution, real 3-D precise image reproduction, large depth of field, wide field of view and good contrast.
• Apochromatic optics design. Ensures the reduction and saturation of image colour as well as improving the contrast, resolution and viea depth of image.
• Bright, white LED light
• Ergonomic design and excellent maneuverability
•12.5x/18mm High Eye-point Wide-Field eyepieces with diopter locks & integrated eye-point
• Height adjustable eyecups. Eyepiece diameter is big enough with its clear and bright lens
• 250mm objective lens with fine focusing adjustment
• The range of the Diopter of Eyepiece: +/- 6D
• 250mm objective lens with fine focusing adjustment
• The range of pupillary distance: 50mm to 75mm
• 3-Step Magnifications (3.2x, 8x, 20x), 5-Step Magnifications (3.2x, 5x, 8x, 12.7x, 20x) with standard 12.5x eyepiece & 250mm objective lens
• Observation field from 42mm to 16mm for 3-Step, from 65mm to 10mm for 5-Step
• Optional magnification are available by combining eyepiece 10x, 16x or 20x & objective
• Lens 200mm, 300mm, 350mm or 400mm with fine focusing lever.
• Infinity corrected optical system / coaxial illumination
• Dual LED illumination from +/- 4° froms stereo illumination
• Object Brightness: 45,000.00 Lx Min
• Manual focusing control with adjustable Focus Range of 11mm
• Counterbalanced pantographic arm
• Easily maneuverable optical head with tension control knobs and 2 handles
• Microscope body can be rotated 360° when casters are fixed

Suction Unit:
• High vacuum, high flow, oil free vacuum pump
• Antibacterial filter
• Anti-overflow Protection Device
• Lower noise, stepless vacuum adjustment
• Multi-function Deployment Optional
• AC Power Supply
• Fully Portable

SIM Micro Cannula Slow Reaction CH4 70mm BX60.
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