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Vectraplex ECG

Our Smartest ECG ever


Comes with innovative CEB® technology from Vectracor


Use just 5-electrodes to derive a 12 to 22-lead ECG


Clinically validated


3-year warranty included

Vectraplex ECG

High quality cardiology equipment from leading brands such as QRS and Vectraplex ECG. Vectraplex ECG provides a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker, CEB®, technology to detect ECG changes suggestive of an ischemic Injury. Providing a powerful diagnostic test right in your ECG machine.

Vectraplex ECG can derive a 12 to 15-lead ECG report with just 5 electrodes.

Detect AMIs Sooner

Vectraplex ECG with real time detection of ECG changes that may be indicative of an AMI. Failure to identify patients in the early stages of AMI can result in failure to provide beneficial therapies. The VectraplexECG is the only system with a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker (CEB) for the real time detection of ECG changes suggestive of an AMI plus the capability to derive a 15 lead ECG.

What about Troponin?

Although serum cardiac markers, especially troponin, are now routine, their sensitivities vary and are highly dependant on time from onset of symptoms making serial measurement a necessity during patient observation in the ED.

The Cardiac Electrical Biomarker

The CEB® is one of the latest and smartest developments in ECG technology. It can detect ECG changes suggestive of a heart attack. Simply, it is a color coded index number that measures the degree of di-polarity of the cardiac electrical field. The cardiac electrical field of a healthy patient is primarily di-polar1, while occurrence of myocardial injury leads to the appearance of a multi polar cardiac electrical field. A CEB® greater than 94 indicates an abnormal condition and further clinical assessment is necessary.

Universal Smart ECG

The Universal Smart ECG allows you to preform a resting ECG anytime, anywhere. It is the hardware that is used in tandem with the Vectraplex ECG Software. 

The Universal Smart ECG turns an off-the-shelf computer into a full-functioning ECG machine. Connect the Universal Smart ECG to a Personal Computer, laptop or tablet to acquire, store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data. Perform resting ECG anytime, anywhere, with unparalleled ease-of-use.

Electrode Placement

Current Practice: - Standard 12-lead placement (10 electrodes)

Vectraplex ECG: 3-lead placement (5 electrodes) derives a 15 to 22-lead ECG

Note: 15-lead ECG is for U.S. and 22-lead ECG is for CE marking countries, Australia and Taiwan

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