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Feeling like you need to try before you buy? We'll send out a range of samples to Medical Professionals Australia wide. Simply fill out the form below and we'll organise a sample pack.

Samples Include

Medilogic Wound Care

A range of wound dressings for a variety of applications. Ranging from silicone foam dressings to waterproof island dressings. The Medilogic wound care range is a popular choice due to innovation, quality and functionality.

Surgical Consumables

Medilogic is a market leader when it comes to Surgical Consumables. Our range of skin closure devices is favoured by Surgeons across Australia. This includes Sutures, Skin Adhesive, Wound Closure Strips, Surgical Blades and more.

Diagnostic Consumables

From ECG Electrodes to Ultrasound Gel, the Medilogic diagnostic range spells quality. Our range of diagnostic consumables is designed for ultimate performance every time, giving you peace of mind on every procedure.

Samples Request Form

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