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An ultrasound scan uses high-frequency waves that reach the surface of the organ to reflect back images and ultrasound gel is a must-have during the process. High-frequency waves cannot travel properly through the air and the ultrasound gel reduces the air between the patient and the transducer. The gel facilitates lubrication and helps the scanner send concise imaging of the inner body. Ultrasound gels are specifically designed to help scans best capture the acoustic impedance of the organ’s surface.

There are various gels available in the market with a range of features that can send a clear image of your scan. It is considered to be an ideal product for all medical ultrasound procedures where the gel is preferred. Most gels are water soluble, non-greasy and irritation free. Be it odourless, high viscosity gel or a hypoallergenic gel, you can find a wide range of ultrasound gels at Medilogic. Check out different ultrasound gels and their features available at Medilogic.

Logiscan Clear Gel & Logiscan Blue Gel

Logiscan Ultrasound Blue and Clear gels are non-sterile, water-soluble and non-staining gels intended for external use during ultrasound scans. The multipurpose gel is designed to provide acoustically consistent ultrasound transmission throughout a broad range of frequencies and is used with all commercially available ultrasound devices. Both types of Logiscan Ultrasound Gels can be used in intact, unbroken skin and on all patients in facilities where cross-contamination is of minimal concern.

While both gels have the same features being bacteriostatic, non-sensitising and non-irritating, the Logiscan clear gel is a great choice if you are looking for a gel with no fragrance or colour. Logiscan blue gel is completely aqueous and will not stain clothing or damage transducers.

Medical Ultrasound Equipment 

Diagnostic ultrasound is a painless exam used in labs to get a clear visual of the patients inner orgasns. There are different ultrasound equipment and techniques for different conditions. Doctors often opt for ultrasound to evaluate biopsies, diagnose heart conditions and assess health conditions.

An ultrasound can make any physician privy to the health condition quickly. The technique is safe, non-invasive and does not use radiation. With technology advancing every day, highly sophisticated ultrasound equipment that include Dopplers and electrocardiographs are available in the market providing versatile solutions. From 4D imaging, multi-beam processing and tissue harmonic imaging to automatic image optimisation and trapezoidal imaging, Medilogic brings to you the latest ultrasound diagnostic imaging technology.

Check out our online store for a range of ultrasound gels and equipment.

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