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Mepilex 15cm x 15cm - Box (5) Molnlycke
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Buy Foam Wound Care Dressings Online

Welcome to Medilogic's comprehensive wound care collection, where we showcase the finest foam dressings available on the market today. At Medilogic, we understand the importance of proper wound care and recognize that choosing the right dressing is crucial for optimal healing. Within this collection, you will find an array of silicone foam dressings and foam dressings from renowned brands such as Medilogic's LOGIFOAM, Smith and Nephew, Allevyn and Mepilex by Molnlycke. With their commitment to innovation and quality, these brands have established themselves as leaders in the wound care industry. Browse our leading foam dressing bands that contribute to effective wound healing and management.

Why Foam Dressings Matter:

Foam dressings have emerged as a popular choice for wound care due to their unique properties and exceptional healing capabilities. These dressings are designed to provide a moist environment that promotes the natural healing process while offering a high level of absorption. The specialized foam material allows for enhanced exudate management, reducing the risk of maceration and promoting faster healing. Foam dressings are also gentle on the wound bed, providing cushioning and protection against external contaminants. Whether you're dealing with chronic wounds, pressure ulcers, or surgical incisions, foam dressings can play a crucial role in promoting wound healing and patient comfort.

Leading Brands in Foam Dressings:

Medilogic is a leading provider of advanced wound care dressings, stocking the leading brands. Browse our collection for the dressing of your choice or select from our most popular leading brands.

  1. LOGIFOAM: The LOGIFOAM range from Medilogic is a trusted name in wound care. Medilogic is recognized for its commitment to developing innovative solutions. Their range of LOGIFOAM dressings offers advanced features such as superior absorbency, excellent fluid retention, and high patient comfort. Medilogic foam dressings are designed to conform to wound contours, ensuring a snug fit while promoting healing and minimizing discomfort. LOGIFOAM dressings are ideal for wounds such as minor burns, leg ulcers, medium to high exuding wounds and surgical wounds. LOGIFOAM is a latex free dressing and reduces pain and stress on the skin when changing, making it a popular foam dressing product for use on fragile skin.

  2. Allevyn Dressings: Smith and Nephew is a renowned global healthcare company known for its extensive portfolio of wound care solutions. Their Allevyn foam range includes three and five-layer foam dressings, designed to support a range of wound management and prevention requirements. Smith and Nephew foam dressings also incorporate innovative features like a gentle silicone adhesive border, ensuring secure fixation and ease of application.

  3. Mepilex: Molnlycke is a leading provider of advanced wound care products, including a range of Mepilex foam dressings that prioritize patient comfort and wound healing. Their dressings are designed with a unique Safetac® adhesive technology that minimizes pain during dressing changes and reduces the risk of skin damage. Molnlycke foam dressings also offer effective exudate management and conformability, ensuring optimal healing conditions.


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