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Elastolite Bandages

The Benefits Of Using Elastolite Bandages

Elastolite bandages are a valuable resource when sufficient support and mobility are required simultaneously. Particularly useful on joints and awkward contours of the body, these stretchable bandages provide the ideal coverage without limiting movement or creating residual discomfort. 

Growing up, bandages were like a badge of honour, signalling that you had been to war and survived, mostly by falling out of trees or going full speed down the road on your bicycle. Nevertheless, sporting a bandage on our knees, ankles, or wrists somehow made us feel empowered and unstoppable, and the interest from other people made it ten times better, especially when we had a gnarly wound to unveil! 

However, things quickly became less exciting when the bandage tugged at the healing wound and became crusty with the dried liquids that were expelled from the area, but we don’t have to deal with that issue anymore, thanks to Elastolite! 

Continue reading below to learn more about the benefits of using Elastolite bandages, and visit Medilogic today to order your medical supplies!

Reusable And Washable

Some bandages simply don’t last long enough to be reused, but Elastolite is not one of those bandages! Instead, Elastolite can be washed and reused without compromising the integrity of the product, ensuring your injury is effectively protected and supported until it has healed. Washing the bandage regularly ensures you are not introducing bacteria to the affected area, which is yet another reason why Elastolite is the best bandage choice!

Body Conforming

When you have experienced an injury, such as a sprain, the last thing you want is for the bandage to cause more discomfort. However, on awkward contours of the body, such as the elbow, knee, or ankle, it can be challenging to provide coverage without restricting movement, especially when using a rigid bandage. But elastolite bandages are a body-conforming solution, providing excellent stretchability for optimal comfort and mobility. 

Bandages should not be wrapped tightly around the affected area, as this may restrict proper blood flow. 


Bandages are often seen as single-use products, but that can quickly become costly. Instead, elastolite bandages provide several uses without compromising the quality or integrity of the product. Made from 100% cotton, elastolite bandages are durable and long-lasting, providing you with a cost-effective solution for managing injuries effectively.

Whether for operational or domestic use, elastolite bandages are a product you cannot go without! Visit Medilogic today to order your bandages and other medical supplies!

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