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How to use the Welch Allyn Thermoscan Pro 6000 Medilogic

How to use the Welch Allyn Thermoscan Pro 6000

How to use the Welch Allyn Thermoscan Pro 6000

The  Welch Allyn (Braun) Thermoscan Pro 6000 Ear thermometer is the market leading tympanic ear thermometer. The Thermoscan Pro 6000 is designed for the measurement of human body temperature for patients having ages ranging from newborn to geriatric adults in a professional use setting. The disposableThermoscan probe covers are used as a hygienic barrier between the ear canal and the infrared thermometer probe.


1. Clean Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000 Before Use


To clean the Thermoscan probe lens, gently wipe it with an alcohol swab or cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Ensure that only gentle pressure is applied to the sensor, this will prevent damage. Face the thermometer down and wipe down the rest of the probe with a cleaning wipe moistened with alcohol.

When cleaning the body of the Thermoscan Pro 6000, only use approved cleaning solutions such as Clinell, Alcohol, 10% Bleach Solution, Oxivur,Virox, CaviWipes and Sanicloth. Wipe the body of the thermometer with the display facing up with a cleaning wipe. Ensure that the wipe is not saturated to aviod liquid from entering the device.

The thermometer and probe must be dry before taking a temperature.


2. Using the Braun Thermoscan Pro 6000


Remove the Thermoscan from the cradle by gripping the base and lifting upwards. A new, single-use probe cover is to be attached every time a temperature is taken. The ring around the start button will then illuminate with a green light. The device will beep once and three dashed lines will appear on the display. The Thermoscan Pro 6000 is now ready to take a temperature.

Place the probe gently and snugly into the ear canal and direct towards the opposite temple. Keep the Thermoscan steady and press the start button. Once the temperature has been taken, the device will emit a long beep and the green ExacTemp light will be illuminated. The display screen will now reveal the temperature reading. The user can toggle between degrees and fahrenheit modes by pressing the C/F button.

Release and discard the used thermoscan probe cover by pressing the ejection button. To take another measurement, simply place a new probe cover onto the Thermoscan Pro 6000. Otherwise the Thermoscan can be inserted back into its cradle where it will automatically power off after 10 seconds.

To recall the last temperature taken by the device, simply press the memory button.


3. Braun Thermoscan Timer Feature


To activate the timing feature on the Pro 6000, press and hold the timer button for 1 second. The display will start to count up in seconds. A beep will be heard at the beginning, then every 15 seconds. To stop the timer, press the timer button again.


4. Batteries

Each set of AA batteries can take up to 1000 measurements. To replace the batteries, slide the switch open on the back of the device to reveal the battery compartment. If your thermoscan thermometer has a charging station, you can purchase new rechargeable batteries. 

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