The Advantages of Using Exofin Topical Skin Adhesives In Wound Care
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The Advantages of Using Exofin Topical Skin Adhesives In Wound Care

 Advances in wound care have evolved with the introduction of new technologies, and topical skin adhesives have become a popular alternative to invasive stitches and sutures.

Topical skin adhesives have been shown to save time during wound repair, providing a flexible water-resistant protective coating and eliminating the need for extensive wound care follow-up. In addition, patients have reported better aesthetic outcomes, where scarring and hatch marks are reduced.

The Exofin® range of adhesives has been developed for small wound care, providing a strong and flexible microbial barrier that is ideal for healing trauma induced injuries, surgical incisions and lacerations. 


What are topical skin adhesives?

Topical skin adhesives act as a medically approved glue to close a simple wound by holding the edges of the skin together to aid in healing. The polymerizing liquid cyanoacrylate hardens into a solid chain when it comes into contact with the skin, forming a protective coating to prevent infection.

Historically, its medical application was used for quick and easy wound treatment when surgical options weren’t possible, but in modern medicine its use has been commonplace for a variety of procedures.

Most commonly, the two types of cyanoacrylate skin adhesives are based on octyl and butyl formulations. Key considerations for choosing a skin adhesive include:

  • • Strength
  • • Flexibility
  • • Set time


Benefits of Exofin® topical skin adhesives

Fast and effective

The Exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive offers a strong, flexible microbial barrier that accelerates the healing process. Its formulation, featuring fast-polymerizing 2-octyl cyanoacrylate, sets within 30 seconds of application, providing rapid closure and minimizing patient discomfort.

Innovative applicator

The Exofin® applicator is fast and easy to use, gliding over the skin to provide a secure and durable closure and reducing patient discomfort and anxiety. Its innovative design features a transparent, flexible tip to deliver the perfect amount of adhesive every time. 

Versatile Options for Different Needs

Medilogic offers variations of the Exofin® range to cater to diverse clinical requirements:

  • Exofin® Tissue Adhesive 1.0ml
    The Exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive 1.0ml tube has the highest volume per device available on the market, saving on cost per procedure with enough volume for multiple coats.

  • Exofin® Micro Tissue Adhesive 0.5ml
    The Exofin® Micro Tissue Adhesive 0.5ml tube is ideal for small trauma induced injuries and single port incisions, allowing for precise and accurate application with minimal waste.

  • Derma+flex® Topical Skin Adhesive 0.7ml
    Derma+flex® Topical Skin Adhesive's high viscosity formula of 60% 2-octyl cyanoacrylate and 40% n-butyl cyanoacrylate is easy to apply, fast-setting and can form a complementary seal for sutures. It forms a waterproof, flexible seal that lasts for up to 10 days to offer protection from infection.


Discover The Exofin® Range of Topical Skin Adhesives

As the exclusive distributor of the Exofin® range in Australia, Medilogic is committed to providing Australian healthcare professionals with access to the latest advancements in wound care treatment.

Discover how these advanced formulations can benefit your practice and your patients.

Explore the Exofin® range today 


At Medilogic, we are committed to delivering innovative medical solutions that improve patient care and outcomes. 


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