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Medilogic offers an exclusive range of wound dressings that caters for a variety of surgical applications.

Wound Dressing Range


Silicone foam dressing with border

Logifoam is a Silicone foam dressing with a border. Logifoam is ideal for wound such as minor burns, leg ulcers, medium to high exuding wounds and surgical wounds. Logifoam is a latex free dressing and reduces pain and stress on the skin when changing.

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Non-woven adhesive fixation tape

Logifix Tape is a non-woven fixation tape. Logifix is widely used for dressing retention, fixation of drainage tubes and catheters, securing of absorbent pads and gauzes.

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Film dressing with an absorbent pad

Logifilm is a transparent film dressing with an absorbent pad. Logifilm has waterproof barrier bonded with an absorbent pad to form a dressing that is ideal for cuts, stitches and other post-op wounds. Logifilm transparent film dressings are latex free.

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Logifix Tan

Skin Colour fixation tape

Logifix Tan Tape is a skin tone, non-woven fixation tape. Logifix tan is ideal for application in exposed areas, blending in with the skin to lift patient self- assurance.

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Non-woven adhesive wound dressing 

Logishield Dressing is a non-woven adhesive wound dressing. Logishield Dressing is latex free, and is a simple and effective dressing for most wound sites. Minor wounds such as sutured wounds and grazes can be managed with Logishield. Logishield is available in a variety of sizes.

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Logifilm Tan

Film dressing with a Tan absorbent pad

Logifilm tan is a transparent film dressing with a tan absorbent pad. Logifilm has a waterproof barrier bonded with a tan absorbent pad. Logifilm tan is latex free.

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