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About Vectraplex ECG Machines

High quality cardiology equipment from leading brands such as QRS and VectraplexECG. When you purchase an ECG from Medilogic you can be assured that you’re purchasing top of the line machinery with fast delivery. Our after sales service in unmatched in the industry with a team of experts on hand to assist with any troubleshooting or setup queries.

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Detect AMIs sooner

Vectraplex ECG  with real time detection of ECG changes that may be indicative of an AMI.

Failure to identify patients in the early stages of AMI can result in failure to provide beneficial therapies.

The VectraplexECG is the only system with a Cardiac Electrical Biomarker (CEB) for the real time detection of ECG changes suggestive of an AMI plus the capability to derive a 15 lead ECG.

How It Works

Vectraplex have created a groundbreaking ECG that has a simple colour coded system that provides immediate feedback on the heart health of the patient.

The CEB is displayed as a numerical index on the cardiac monitoring device yielding a probability severity assessment of acute coronary obstructive disease leading to Acute Coronary Syndrome.

The CEB  numerical index reflects the dipolar versus multipolar forces in the cardiac electrical field in order to distinguish the presence or absence of acute myocardial ischemic injury including AMI.

An all-in-one ECG machine

The VectraplexECG provides continuous, non-invasive detection of ECG changes, providing a less laboursome and cost effective way to determine the possibility of an AMI, along with heart rate and rhythm monitoring, and 15 lead dECG with vector loops –all in 1 device!

What about troponin?

Although serum cardiac markers, especially troponin, are now routine, their sensitivities vary and are highly dependant on time from onset of symptoms making serial measurement a necessity during patient observation in the ED.

More accuracy

The first thing an operator will notice about the VentraplexECG is that there are only 5 electrodes (V2 along with the 4 limb leads) to place on the patient to derive 15 dECG leads, which reduces the possibility of errors in lead placement. There is no extra training required as the 5 electrodes used are the easiest to place and are a subset of the standard 12 lead placement.

Cardiac Electrical Biomarker diagnostic accuracy

Sensitivity Specificity Negative Predictive Value Positive Predictive Value
85.3% – 94.4% 92.5% – 93.0% 93.8% – 98.6% 74.6% – 83.5%