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Tricotex dressings are constructed from knitted viscose rayon and are designed to act as an interface between ulcerating or granulating wounds and conventional absorptive dressings. The open knitted construction allows exudate to pass freely from the wound site. Disruption of the wound and its healing tissue is avoided by leaving Tricotex in place while the absorbent pads are changed as required.

Being non-medicated, Tricotex dressings are unlikely to elicit any tissue reaction so are ideal for use on their own but can be used in conjunction with a medicament of choice. Tricotex dressings can be removed from the wound at any stage by gently stretching diagonal corners and lifting upwards from the edges.

• Low-adherent interface
• Open knitted construction
• Can be left in place during absorbent pad change

• Conformable: The dressing will conform to all wound sites ensuring patient comfort.
• Easy to use: Supplied sterile in a peel-apart pouch, good aseptic technique is made easy.
• Low-adherent: The dressing’s knitted construction reduces the contact area of the dressing with the wound, and this together with the smooth texture of the rayon strands minimises adherence of the healing tissue to the dressing.
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