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About QRS Spirometer

The Orbit is a full function portable spirometer which connects directly to your PC, laptop or tablet. The Orbit saves time and eliminates contamination as it comes pre-calibrated with disposable mouthpieces and nose clips. The Orbit Spirometer from QRS is the market leader in portable spirometry, turning every computer in your practice into a potential spirometer.

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Product Features


Eliminate the need for calibration. The OrbitTM comes pre-calibrated, saving you time.

Eliminate sterilization

Everything the patient touches is disposable eliminating the need to sterilize.

Unlimited Storage

The PC and EMR connectivity allows for unlimited storage space. An average laptop can store 100,000 or more tests.

No batteries required

Power is drawn from the PC so there is no need for batteries

Compact and transportable

The OrbitTM weighs less than 250g and is only 10cm long meaning it is extremely lightweight and portable.

Customizable Report Generation

When the Orbit™ is combined with Office Medic™ software, customizable reports are generated and JPEGs and PDFs can be created and transferred into patient files.