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The SpiroUSB is a PC connected spirometer dedicated to work with the comprehensive Spirometry PC Software (SPCS). SPCS is a fully Windows™ compatible spirometry system that interfaces seamlessly with the SpiroUSB providing many display options and includes powerful reporting and database facilities. SPCS has many advanced features including display of real time respiratory traces, predicted values, patient database, and the ability to carry out pre and post bronchodilator and post steroid testing. The SpiroUSB uses the CareFusion Digital Volume Transducer, an extremely stable form of volume transducer, which measures expired air directly at B.T.P.S (Body Temperature and Pressure with Saturated water vapour) thus avoiding the inaccuracies of temperature corrections. This transducer is insensitive to the effects of condensation and temperature and avoids the need for individual calibration prior to performing a test.

- PC Based
- Easy to use
- PDF Report
- Choice of 4 Child Incentives
- Test displayed in real time
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