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Exofin enters the market as the fastest polymerizing 2-octyl cyanoacrylate topical adhesive available and as the highest viscosity formulation in the industry. After spending more than two years observing and talking to healthcare professionals throughout all departments of hospitals across America, it became clear that no single topical adhesive had all of the attributes that mattered most. So Chemence Medical has combined doctor’s feedback with the very best R&D department in the USA and created a topical skin adhesive that delivers on all of the requirements you asked for.

Exofin comes in two sizes, each with its own unique and innovative applicator:

Exofin® High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive has a 1ml tube fill and offers users the highest volume per device available on the market today. Exofin utilizes a soft and flexible applicator with a transparent tip enabling the user to see the adhesive prior to expression and create a solid seal on skin, including uneven surfaces.

Exofin® MicroTM has a .5ml tube fill and is ideal for small trauma induced injuries and single port incisions. Exofin Micro uses a clear silicone tip for precision applications while offering the same high viscosity formulation as the larger sized Exofin High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive.

Exofin is the next generation of topical skin adhesive.

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The Exofin Range

Micro Tissue Adhesive 0.5ml Box (10)

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Tissue Adhesive 1.0ml Box (10)

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