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Ectocare Manuka Fill 42.5g
Ectocare Manuka Fill 42.5g is a Manuka honey liquid wound dressing in a handy applicator tube. The use of Leptospermum scoparium honey from New Zealand helps maintain a moist wound environment that promotes autolytic debridement conducive to healing. Ectocare Manuka Fill liquid dressing is sterile and for single use only in moist wound management. Apply direct onto wound or onto a suitable primary dressing.

ECTOCARE Manuka Fill 42.5g Features
• 100% Leptospermum scoparium honey from New Zealand in an applicator tube
• The honey’s high sugar levels result in osmotic activity that promotes autolytic debridement and helps maintain a moist environment conducive to wound healing
• ECTOCARE Manuka Fill liquid wound dressing is a sterile, single use wound care dressing for use in moist wound management

Manuka Honey Benefits
• Many anti-microbial wound care products attack dressing bacteria, whereas Manuka honey is unique in the fact that it promotes healing as well.
• ECTOCARE Manuka honey contains high levels of sugar (approx. 87%) causing osmotic activity which helps to promote autolytic debridement of necrotic tissue. This creates a moist wound environment whilst rapidly reducing odour.
• There is no evidence that manuka honey applied to wounds causes any increase in blood sugar levels and it has been successfully used for diabetic patients.
• Manuka honey is acidic, which helps to reduce the pH of a wound. This has been shown to reduce the surface area of a wound.
• Manuka honey also stimulates angiogenesis (the growth of blood vessels and capillaries) which in turn increases the delivery of oxygen to the wound. Oxygen is required for tissue regeneration.
• As honey is a liquid and ECTOCARE gauze dressings are made from 100% knitted acetate, they do not adhere to new tissue growth and can be easily removed at dressing changes.
• The open weave version IG MAX is exceptionally conformable due to the open design of the fabric. This assists in the management of exudate in high exuding wounds.

Indications for use
• Leg, Pressure and Diabetic foot ulcers
• 1st and 2nd degree burns
• Surgical and Trauma wounds

Directions for use
1. Remove cap
2. Apply directly to wound or suitable primary dressing
3. Cover with appropriate secondary dressing

About Ectocare
ECTOCARE believe that the antibacterial and healing properties of manuka honey should be harnessed for the rapid relief of suffering for patients with chronic wounds, throughout the world’s healthcare establishments. Driven by this belief, we have developed the ECTOCARE range of manuka honey wound dressings using only 100% Leptospermum Scoparium honey sourced from New Zealand. We are passionate about the beneficial properties of manuka honey, a major weapon in nature’s armoury, in the fight against infection and disease. Our mission is to remain at the forefront of product developments, to provide the very best in advanced wound care solutions.

Pack Size: PC-301042 (Each)
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