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Introducing the LOGIFLOW family – an innovative range of cannulas and needle-free access valves designed to elevate the standards of vascular access in medical settings. With precision engineering and advanced materials, LOGIFLOW products ensure optimal patient comfort, safety, and clinician ease-of-use.

From the Exactus IV Cannula boasting RapidFlash® Technology for quick visual confirmation of successful venipuncture to the Shield BC Safety IV Cannula featuring a push-button needle retraction mechanism for enhanced needlestick safety, each product in the LOGIFLOW family is meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of medical professionals. Additionally, the Needle-Free Access Valve offers convenience and infection control, allowing closure and access without the use of needles.



IV Cannula

Crafted for the infusion of IV solutions and intermittent intravenous drug administration, the LOGIFLOW Exactus IV Cannula features a triple facet, back cut, beveled needle to aid in reducing trauma at the insertion site. Fitted with VenaPUR® cannula material that is strong yet flexible and kink-resistant. Compliant with both TGA and international standards, it sets a new benchmark in medical care for the Australian market.

• Sterile
Single Use

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Blood Control Safety IV Cannula

Ergonomically designed with contoured cannula housing and a textured hub that creates a non-slip grip for easy handling. Feature a triple-facet, bevel needle with a fully encapsulating needle shield that encases the needle upon full retraction, providing safety without compromising functionality. 

•  Sterile
Single Use

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Needle-Free Access Valve

LOGIFLOW Needle-Free Access Valves are accessory devices for vascular access devices. They enable the closure of female lungs, bolus IV injections, or withdrawal of blood samples without using needles.

A luer-lock syringe or IV tubing can be connected to the valve when access is needed. The valve opens when pressure is applied, allowing fluids or medications to be administered. Once the pressure is released, the valve closes automatically, preventing blood leakage and minimizing the risk of infection.

LOGIFLOW Needle-Free Access Valves feature neutral displacement, a highly effective mechanism to prevent catheter occlusions and reduce blood reflux upon disconnection. They achieve this by maintaining a neutral or balanced pressure within the catheter and the IV tubing, instilling confidence in healthcare professionals about the product's performance.

• Single Use

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