Healthy Air in Healthcare

Discover the science behind the increasing importance of air quality in aged & primary care settings. Get the key insights from a panel of experts on how to optimise air quality in your healthcare environments.

Topics discussed in this webinar include:

  • Understanding aerosols; how particles are generated and transmitted
  • Risk management; multi-layered approach to preventing spread of viruses
  • The critical role of ventilation
  • The effectiveness of Air Purifiers
  • How HEPA filtration works and why it is the gold standard
  • Strategies to improve and optimise air quality in your space
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The Panel of Experts

Prof. David Morton

Professor - Industry Engagement at School of Engineering, Deakin University

Prof. Jason Monty

Professor & Head of Mechanical Engineering, University of Melbourne

Ted Fowler

Air Purification Manager - Westlab

Get access to the Webinar Replay and Whitepaper