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Exofin Micro Tissue Adhesive 1.0ml

Exofin high viscosity tissue adhesive is the skin adhesive that delivers on all of the requirements. Exofin is the highest viscosity topical skin adhesive on the market. Exofin High Viscosity Tissue Adhesive has a 1.0ml tube fill offers users the highest volume per device available on the market today. Exofin utilizes a soft and flexible applicator with a transparent tip enabling the user to see the adhesive prior to expression and create a solid seal on skin, including uneven surfaces.

Advantages of Using Exofin:

Innovative Design: Soft and Flexible Applicator glides across uneven surfaces, creating a solid seal on skin. Transparent Tip allows user to see the adhesive prior to expression.
Fast: Fastest polymerizing 2-octyl topical adhesive on the market today. Typical "dry" times are less than 30 seconds.
Strong: 2-Octyl formulation is proven to be the strongest and most flexible adhesive available. Creates a microbial barrier against clinically relevant pathogens.
Easy to Use: Simply tighten the pre-assembled applicator tip and begin to express adhesive. Apply as much or as little adhesive as needed, and get the same great results every time!
Value: 1.0ml tube fill. Largest volume tubes on the market, decreases unit volume, thus adding cost savings per procedure.

• Viscosity: 450cPs
• Composition: 2-Octyl
• Size: 1.0ml
• Flexible on Skin
• Waterproof
• Microbial Barrier
• Transparent Applicator
• Flexible Tip
• Box 10
• Manufactured in the USA

Exofin Tissue adhesive can be stored at temperatures under 30 degrees Celsius.
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